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Donation Gateway
Make sure to read all information before donating.
A new userbar to make you stand out.
Username style
PM message storage
1, 000
Given reputation
+3 / -3
All content unlocked!
Access to Premium exclusive forums.
Change your user title.
Ability to have a signature.
Ability to change your username.
Delete own messages in chatbox!
No ads on forums.
5 invitation codes per month.
No CAPTCHA while posting.
Access to the new pre-released stuff.
You are already upgraded or not allowed to upgrade.
Redeem a code or PURCHASE CREDITS

How upgrading works
1. Select an upgrade.
2. We will lead you to our merchant page where you buy the upgrade.
3. Our merchant will send a code to the email you entered.
4. Click the "Redeem" button above and verify your code.
5. Enjoy being upgraded.

Optional donation
Donate anonymously to help us get more content

Or BTC Address: 15bdG1p15L2XL1FdQjDHfNfZQDA8eYPjmD
  • All upgrades are final and non-refundable. Upon purchase you will instantly receive a activation code which will give you the stuff you paid for.
  • Chargebacks will result in a permanent account ban.
  • We reserve a right to change price if we deem that as necessary.
  • Breaking the rules won't exclude you from being punished as a donator.

  1. Why donating?
  2. Donations are optional but it help us cover the costs of the server, keep premium accounts for uploading and getting new content.

  3. I didn't receive a code
  4. If you haven't received your code, please create a new thread HERE and make sure to include Transaction ID.

  5. Does upgrading let you unlock all the stuff?
  6. Yes. Our Donator user group has been updated and you don't need credits anymore to see content.

  7. Is this one-time upgrade?
  8. Yes. This upgrade has no expiration date and will be bound to your account as long as NulledForums is up and running.

  9. Payment Methods

  10. PayPal | BitCoin

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